About the BSTBC

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers Booster Club is celebrating its fifteenth year. A membership fee is collected annually. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers and are usually held the third Tuesday of the month. Each member receives a pin and a free monthly newsletter Tiger Tales.

To help our players and coaches get acquainted to the area we fill a welcome bag with information, coupons, and goodies and assist them in finding services they may need while they live in our community.

Road trips are also sponsored in order to provide support to our team on the road. While the team is on the road we supply them with food for their bus ride. We host visiting Booster Club members when they visit the arena and all members are welcome to attend the annual AAHLBC Convention.

The booster club hosts two big events during the season -- a Meet & Greet and an Awards Dinner -- that include the entire team where members will be able to introduce themselves to the players and the players will get to know who is cheering for them in the stands.

The Booster Club assists the front office with supplying volunteers to help hand out promotional material at home games and welcome fans to the Arena.

During each game the Booster Club has a table set up on the concourse. Fundraising items from player pins, spirit bracelets, Sound Tiger dog tags, and other hockey memorabilia is sold and raffled off from the table.

Because of these offers we have been able to donate over $160,000 in the last thirteen years to very special charitable organizations. The Booster Club has supported the Ronald McDonald House, PT Barnum Pediatric Center, the Umbrella Group, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, International Rett Syndrome Foundation, CdL Foundation, Community Closet, and the New York Islanders Children’s Foundation.

Along with these wonderful charities we also support the Siberian Tigers at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

The most visible way the Bridgeport Sound Tiger Booster Club shows their support to the Sound Tigers is by letting them know we are there when they are on the ice — with our voices!

Constitution and By-Laws

   » Click here to download the BSTBC Constitution

   » Click here to download the BSTBC By-Laws

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bridgeport Sound Tiger Booster Club is to show our support to both the team and local communities and promote the love of hockey with the players, fans and other Booster Clubs.

The BSTBC has generously contributed to many charities. We work year round to raise funds for these charitable organizations and are proud of what we have accomplished so far.

Board of Directors

  • · President
  • Debbie Lietuvninkas
  • · Vice President (Charities)
  • Michelle Sawyer
  • · Vice President (Membership)
  • Brian Jennings
  • · Secretary
  • Lori Uilecan
  • · Treasurer
  • Jeff Sorak
  • · Finance Director
  • · Parliamentarian
  • Brian Jennings
  • · Member at Large
  • Margaret O'Connor
  • · Past President
  • Mark Novicki Sr.
  • · Past President
  • Jeff Krupel
  • · Past President
  • Rich Stieglitz

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